Future Pillars

Future Pillars Zambia (FPZ) supports over 1,000 vulnerable children in Kabwe central Zambia.

The Drive Church has adopted FPZ as one of its main supported charities.



Future Pillars Zambia is a small personal charity which runs an empowerment programme of feeding, education and life skills training. The Drive Church has a direct link with this charity through church member Kathryn Barron who is a trustee, and has contributed this report. Early in 2018 The Drive undertook to sponsor 10 students to complete their secondary education.

However it’s not just been about money. Our congregation has kept the students in our thoughts and prayers.

In the past we have filled a number of filing cabinets with supplies for students and teachers, which were supplemented with donations of bed linen, towels and toiletries for shipping to Zambia.


If you would like to know more about FPZ please visit  https://futurepillarszambia.org.uk